Interior Painting

You should never feel as though you are settling when it comes to the interior feel of your home. We know how it feels to have that unfinished look that leaves you unhappy with your home (and worse yet, feeling uncomfortable having your friends and family over). The team of painters at iPaint Arizona will help you bring the unique feel to your home that you are looking for. Whether you are looking to refresh an outdated look, making your home feel more like your style, or just need a change, we would love to assist you in your vision.


1. Any and all furniture cleared for easy wall access, and draped in plastic for protection.

2. Holes and cracks all repaired and textured before painting.

3. Masking of the baseboards for protection, assuming they aren’t being painted.

4. Drop clothes placed throughout house to prevent any drops and tracking of paint.

5. Proceed to paint : (We prefer to brush and roll unless it’s an empty house that we can easily cover for spraying)